Ufo phenomenon draws much research from scientists around the world

This is what Dr. Allen Hynek expressed in front of the United Nations on November 27, Once more, a respected scientist takes the subject of UFOs as so important that he addresses the United Nations about it. Chairman, I have not always held the opinion that UFOs were worthy of serious scientific study.

Ufo phenomenon draws much research from scientists around the world

Their researchers conclude that most, if not all, "black triangle" UFOs are formations of electrical plasma, the interaction of which creates mysterious energy fields that both refract light and produce vivid hallucinations in witnesses that are in close proximity.

Further it suggests that "the majority, if not all, of the hitherto unexplained reports may well be due to atmospheric gaseous electrically charged buoyant plasmas" [8] which emit charged fields with the capability of inducing vivid hallucinations and psychological effects in witnesses and are "capable of being transported at enormous speeds under the influence and balance of electrical charges in the atmosphere.

These plasma formations are also theorized to have the effect of refracting light between themselves, producing the appearance of a black polygonal shape with the lights at the corners caused by self-generated plasma coloration similar to the Aurora Borealis.

This is a key finding in the attribution of what have frequently been reported as black 'craft,' often triangular and even up to hundreds of feet in length. Local fields of this type have been medically proven to cause responses in the temporal lobes of the human brain.

These result in the observer sustaining his or her own vivid, but mainly incorrect, description of what is experienced.

This is suggested to be a key factor in influencing the more extreme reports found in the media and are clearly believed by the 'victims. According to the Ministry of Defence researchers, Russian scientists have connected their UAP work with plasmas and the wider potential use of plasmas and may have done "considerably more work than is evident from open sources " on military applications, for example using UAP -type radiated fields to affect humans, and the possibility of producing and launching plasmas as decoys.

Analysis of the sightings by Nick Pope concluded that the object moved in a north-easterly course from Cornwall to Shropshire over a period of approximately 6 hours. The sightings report clearly visible objects over densely populated areas and highways, mostly in the United States and Britain, but other parts of the world as well.

A geographic distribution of U. Air Force; [11] however, a subsequent report in August by the same organization NIDS found that the rash of sightings did not conform to previous deployment of black project aircraft and that the objects' origins and agendas were unknown.

The events of 29 November were documented by over thirty different groups of witnesses, and three separate groups of police officers. All of the reports related a large object flying at low altitude. The craft was of a flat, triangular shape, with lights underneath.

Early Reports of UFOs

This giant craft did not make a sound as it slowly moved across the landscape of Belgium. There was free sharing of information as the Belgian populace tracked this craft as it moved from the town of Liege to the border of the Netherlands and Germany.

Most witnesses reported that the objects were silent. This report argues that the lack of noise could be due to the engine noise in the witnesses' automobiles, or strong natural wind blowing away from the witnesses.

Regarding the supposed radar locks by FsDunning stated The pilots also got intermittent contact with objects, but they appeared and disappeared and moved up and down too fast, including going underground.

The pilots never saw anything at all. SOBEPS reported that they obtained radar lock on targets nine times; but the Belgian military only reported three such locks, and upon analyzing the data, all three radar locks were on each other.

The other contacts were all found to be the result of a well-known atmospheric interference called Bragg scattering. They took a sheet of styrofoam, cut it into a triangle, painted it black, embedded a flashlight in each corner, then hung it from a string.

You remember that you saw something you took for a bright star or an airplane, thought nothing of it at the time, but this amazing new story makes you realize that what you saw must have been this UFO.


You and I might not necessarily make that connection, but it's perfectly reasonable that a lot of people will; and so they follow the instructions in the newspaper article and send a report to SOBEPS.Furthermore, many international governments have begun to release their UFO files in recent years, including the United Kingdom, Brazil, and Mexico.

In the private world, there are several groups of citizen’s fighting for official disclosure and open discussion of UFO-related information. Different shapes and sizes of UFOs have been reported all over the world. They all usually appear to be quite aerodynamic and dome shaped and/or saucer shaped.

Maysville, KY UFO Flies Around Power Plant - Investigation Stymied UK UFO - Military HelicoptersBuzz Witnesses Home More UFOs And Geological Phenomena In Northern Chile. Frequently, UFO skeptics—scientists and laypersons alike—invoke Occam’s Razor to support their position that there are far more likely, prosaic explanations for the UFO phenomenon than the extraterrestrial spaceship theory.

Jan 28,  · It was a clear summer afternoon in Lake Tahoe, California in the late 70's when I saw my first UFO.

Ufo phenomenon draws much research from scientists around the world

The rough-hewn cigar-shaped craft hovered for a long period of time at a . May 10,  · Careful to avoid using the term UFO, the report described sightings as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

UFO INTRIGUE: HOW THE UK DEALT WITH 'REAL-LIFE X-FILES' Code-named Project Condign, the report analyzed a database of sightings between and and was delivered to officials in

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