The purpose of scheduling in the great gatsby by f scott fitzgerald

Evidently it surprised her as much as it did me, for she yawned and with a series of rapid, deft movements stood up into the room. She was a slender, small-breasted girl, with an erect carriage, which she accentuated by throwing her body backward at the shoulders like a young cadet.

The purpose of scheduling in the great gatsby by f scott fitzgerald

Scott Fitzgerald, one of the foremost twentieth century American writers. His father, Edward, brought breeding, charm, and a sense of elegance to the family, although as a businessman, he experienced only marginal financial success. They possessed what some critics have come to call "a certain genteel shabbiness.

Paul where the McQuillan family still lived.

The purpose of scheduling in the great gatsby by f scott fitzgerald

From that point, the Fitzgeralds essentially lived off the McQuillan family fortune. Although Scott would call St. Paul home from tohe was often not there. Rather, he spent much of that time at boarding school, at Princeton University, in the army, and in New York City.

Prep School and College Although Edward and Mollie Fitzgerald did not mingle much in the society life of their community, they saw to it that Scott met the right people. He attended the prep school and dancing classes where the elite sent their children. InFitzgerald entered the St.

Paul Academy where he was received with mixed welcome many of the students apparently thought he was too arrogant.


He excelled in debate and athletics, pushing himself continually. He would publish three more stories in the next two years. He would also begin writing plays while still a student at St.

Here he met Fr. Sigourney Fay who would serve as a mentor, encouraging him to develop his talents and pursue his dreams of personal achievement and distinction. During the years at Newman, Fitzgerald published three stories in the school literary magazine, helping him to realize that despite his interest in athletics, he was more successful in literary endeavors.

InFitzgerald entered Princeton University. Again, he would not prove himself a top scholar, although his literary achievements began to grow. He wrote scripts and lyrics for the Triangle Club musicals and contributed to Princeton publications.

The Semivowel States:

ByFitzgerald was on academic probation and, given graduation looked unlikely, he joined the army, commissioned as a second lieutenant in the infantry. Marriage and Work Inwhile assigned to Camp Sheridan, near Montgomery, Alabama, the course of his life changed forever.

The year-old Scott met and fell in love with then year-old debutante Zelda Sayre. Zelda, youngest daughter of an Alabama Supreme Court judge, refused marriage, however, until Scott could support her in the manner to which she was accustomed.

After being discharged from the army in FebruaryFitzgerald moved to New York and took up work with an advertising agency, hoping to earn enough money so he and Zelda could be married. By June ofZelda had tired of waiting for Scott to earn his fortune and broke their engagement. During the summer ofFitzgerald quit the ad business to return to St.

Paul to rewrite The Romantic Egotist. One week after its publication, Scott and Zelda were married in New York. The novel meant instant success for the young author and pushed the newlyweds into the limelight. Together, Scott and Zelda became synonymous with life in the s.

Stories of their drinking, dancing, and extravagant lifestyle surround the couple. Over the years, they traveled between the United States and Europe especially France extensively, becoming at least for a while part of "The Lost Generation" of American expatriates in Paris.

Throughout their marriage, the two went through periods of heavy alcohol consumption. Although Fitzgerald wrote sober, he drank more and more frequently and excessively.

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