The outlook on the traditional values and the necessity for the technological advancement in the uni

They transcend local boundaries and touches lives of everyone. Evolution of mankind can be seen in terms of technological evolution as well. Invention of fire and wheel changed the face of mankind.

The outlook on the traditional values and the necessity for the technological advancement in the uni

Major changes in the physical environment are very compelling when they happen. The desert wastes of North Africa were once green and well populated. Climates change, soil erodes and lakes gradually turn into swamps and finally plains.

Technology and Urbanization:

A culture is greatly affected by such changes although sometimes they come about so slowly that they are largely unnoticed. Human misuse can bring very rapid changes in physical environment which in turn change the social and cultural life of a people.

Deforestation brings land erosion and reduces rainfall. Much of the wasteland and desert land of the world is a testament to human ignorance and misuse. Environmental destruction has been at least a contributing factor in the fall of most great civilization.

Many human groups throughout history have changed their physical environment through migration. In the primitive societies whose members are very directly dependent upon their physical environment migration to a different environment brings major changes in the culture.

Civilization makes it easy to transport a culture and practice it in a new and different environment. A population change is itself a social change but also becomes a casual factor in further social and cultural changes. When a thinly settled frontier fills up with people the hospitality pattern fades away, secondary group relations multiply, institutional structures grow more elaborate and many other changes follow.

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A stable population may be able to resist change but a rapidly growing population must migrate, improve its productivity or starve. Great historic migrations and conquests of the Huns, Vikings and many others have arisen from the pressure of a growing population upon limited resources.

The outlook on the traditional values and the necessity for the technological advancement in the uni

Migration encourages further change for it brings a group into a new environment subjects it to new social contacts and confronts it with new problems. No major population change leaves the culture unchanged. Societies located at world crossroads have always been centers of change.

Since most new traits come through diffusion, those societies in closest contact with other societies are likely to change most rapidly. In ancient times of overland transport, the land bridge connecting Asia, Africa and Europe was the centre of civilizing change.

Later sailing vessels shifted the centre to the fringes of the Mediterranean Sea and still later to the north- west coast of Europe. Areas of greatest intercultural contact are the centers of change.

War and trade have always brought intercultural contact and today tourism is adding to the contacts between cultures says Greenwood.

Conversely isolated areas are centers of stability, conservatism and resistance to change. The most primitive tribes have been those who were the most isolated like the polar Eskimos or the Aranda of Central Australia. The structure of a society affects its rate of change in subtle and not immediately apparent ways.Tchnology refers to the processes used by a firm to transform inputs into output of goods and services while technoligcal change is a change in a firm's ability to produce a given level of output with a given quantity of inputs.

The Future of Jobs Report Overall, there is a modestly positive outlook for employment across most industries, with jobs growth expected in several sectors. However, it is also clear Past waves of technological advancement and demographic change have led to increased prosperity.

MGMT STUDY. PLAY. One of the most significant economic developments in recent business history relates to the _____.

a. are the leaders in offering training and advancement opportunities to workers global opportunities for small businesses have a long-term positive outlook. d. Although the U.S. is an attractive market. Modernization is a process that indicates the adoption of the modern ways of life and values.

It refers to an attempt on the part of the people particularly those who are custom-bound to adapt themselves to the present-time, conditions, needs, styles and ways in general.

Attitudes and values affect both the amount and the direction of social change. The ancient Greeks made great contributions to art and learning but contributed little to technology.

No society has been equally dynamic in all aspects and its values determine in which area-art, music, warfare, technology, philosophy or religion it will be innovative.

Positive outlook—RIA firms are very optimistic about the future of the industry, We are in a time of technological advancement that helps us all run our businesses and seek clients and source business. I think there are just so many necessity of change. They are positive, even.

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