Homosexuality a pesky problem essay

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Homosexuality a pesky problem essay

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Hey Fred and kermit are you 2 out of the 4? I don't kinow how old the eargth is. I do kbnow it isn't 6, years as a lot of youbng earhers do. I suspect it is over 20, The consensus opinion of scientists believe the earth to be about 4. They have no trouble tracing radioactive elements all the way back to that point.

The universe, of course, is older than that. I'm curious as to why you would cherry-pick your scientific knowledge in order to satisfy your belief.

I don't, however, expect you to understand this, though.

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Since scientists believe the earth is 4. June 7, at 7: I don't think it is as people seem to understand the Bible saying. Too many quesiotns As for scince I don't "cherry pick" science is NOT conclusive in the dating.

Homosexuality a pesky problem essay

I don't think so I really don't believe in adam and eve, so I am unable to comment on that. However, creationists like Ken Ham absolutely believe that the earth is only years old based on his interpretation of the bible, which has always been my contention.

Homosexuality a pesky problem essay

June 8, at The underlying science is what is used for the atomic clock used to make GPS accurate. Presumably you accept that GPS is accurate. If you're saying that dating techniques do not work but GPS does please explain how and why.

June 8, at 7: No guess work involved, unlike you GUESSING that some feeling or experience is YOUR god, guessing that you speak with your god, and guessing that "he" speaks back, guessing that this Jesus character is actually a god, and guessing that these wild even proven wrong stories are correct.

Israel's timely You Tube gambit against Tehran would be frightening--if it were true.

You try to fault science with guessing incorrect assumption by the wayyet you can't see that your whole idea of what you claim to know but actually only believe is all only guessing.

It appears that you do not comprehend how the Scientific Method works and it appears that all you have to go on for your beliefs in the Christian god is the bible. It really doesn't matter in the end if you agree or not, you only prove that the stats are correct and that there is a valid reason the country is behind on education stats Now here for your education is the details on the Scientific Method, explained in terms that most 10 year olds can understand: The Scientific Method is an organized way of figuring something out.Welcome to my course on ethics.

I wrote earlier about reasoning in ethics without assuming a meta-ethical view. Today we’ll reason about the ethics of homosexuality without assuming a meta-ethical view.

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May 05,  · By John Blake, CNN (CNN) - When Peter Sprigg speaks publicly about his opposition to homosexuality, something odd often happens. During his speeches, people raise their hands to challenge his assertions that the Bible condemns homosexuality, . and i dont think discussing homosexuality is a risky topic, as long as you deal with it sensitively. a guy last year wrote about how tough it was growing up gay in a catholic household. he got into stanford. The place for everything in Oprah's world. Get health, beauty, recipes, money, decorating and relationship advice to live your best life on iridis-photo-restoration.com The Oprah Show, O magazine, Oprah Radio, Angel Network, Harpo Films and Oprah's Book Club.

But most people think objective moral values exist, Well there’s your problem right there. People who believe in objective moral values, including you, ought to be required to demonstrate their existence.

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