Failure of haleeb juices

Initially people were employed at the plant. The production process started with UHT liquid milk.

Failure of haleeb juices

Increase font size Share Good health is of paramount importance to the collective Yemeni mindset — a quality not just extended to, but quintessential to our cuisine. You would be hard-pressed to find gravies swimming in oil in Yemen. All our preparations are simple and mildly spiced.

Not a lot of salt is used in our food either — we sprinkle just a little to avoid complete blandness. Basic spices like cumin powder and turmeric powder go into most of our staple dishes, like the Laham Mandi, a large portion of lamb breast served on a bed of boiled rice cooked in very little oil and salt.

What makes it special is that unlike most Yemeni dishes prepared on the gas, Laham Mandi is baked in a traditional tannur, a round clay oven typically seen in most households there.

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Another wellknown Yemeni dish is Saltah, also our national dish — succulent mutton pieces floating atop a thin, brown, meat stew called Maraq, accompanied by rice and boiled mashed potatoes; it tastes best when you dip a piece of some luscious Khubz a Yemeni flat bread resembling a roti into the piping hot preparation.

The cuisine accounts for some interesting desserts too, all of which are delicious yet healthy. Basboosa, for instance, is a cake prepared from an unusual blend of coconut, baking powder, yeast, curd, and sesame. Masoob is another intriguing combination of roti and bananas minced in the kheema machine and mixed with ghee, cream, and milk.

Honey, in fact, is considered a status symbol in Yemen! However, we Arabs are big fans of cola too!


Every Yemeni family follows the charming tradition of Jalsa — the Islamic way of sitting in a circle and eating out of one plate. This stems from the belief that the more the number of hands in the plate, the greater the gastronomic satisfaction derived.

But, what truly evokes nostalgia for any Yemeni is the mention of holba fenugreek!

Failure of haleeb juices

Every Yemeni will have the memory of their mother having fed them a great amount of these bitter leaves either raw or tossed into a soup in their growing years — it is almost a national practice.

We do this because our Prophet tells us that fenugreek is the cure for all diseases… except death.Haleeb have the strategies to positively engage the staff Economical Factor Engro Foods is strongly affected by both the Economic and the Demographic environment around and have to keep on taking different steps to respond accordingly.

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Adding value is the process of changing or transforming a product from its original state to a more valuable state, according to Professor Mike Boland of Kansas State professor explains how it applies to agriculture as follows.

• Extensive knowledge of Food & Beverage processing equipments, high speed packaging, instrumentation and control systems.

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