Describing how information is used and how it flows in an organization

University of Toronto Please cite as: Information Management for the Intelligent Organization: National Computer Board of Singapore. The Art of Scanning the Environment 3rd ed.

Describing how information is used and how it flows in an organization

Activities in each diagram are mentioned briefly. After explain you briefly details in each diagram, I then compare the diagrams in term of the purpose of each diagram in the system analysis.

Finally, I then summarized the briefly details of diagrams and how system analysts or users applied it into the analysis of real system. Flowchart Flowchart is the schematic representation of a process. It is also known as Control flow diagram. Flowchart allows users to graphically view the process and also helps them including audiences easily understand the content and easily find flaws in the process.

It breaks a process down to a finite number of steps that get executed one at a time.

Describing how information is used and how it flows in an organization

Thus, if the flowcharts accurately describe the content carried out within them in the diagram, they can be used for analysis.

It actually does not say anything about what the inputs and outputs of each step are. It does not address how each step performs internally. Flowcharts will be the useful diagramming tools for the system analysis activity when it is concerned with the user implementation. The users, the system analysts and the implementation team can discuss those implementation constraints that must be imposed upon the system.

They, for example, can determine the boundary of the system and the details of the interaction between the systems and the users. Why flowchart is not popular in system analysis However, there are several reasons that most system analysts actually do not use detailed flowcharts for process specifications.

Using flowcharts required users to deeply understand the systems and frequently modified the flowcharts to the simpler way.

Flowcharts will be the time consuming and tedious to redraw the flowchart each time because it requires system analysts to redraw it whenever the detailed policy changes. New diagramming method such as Data Flow Diagrams are more effective way to illustrate a multidimensional reality.

Flowcharts are composed of many symbols but the common flowcharts are composed of three basic symbols: Arrows, Diamonds and Rectangles.


Arrows represent flow of control. It must be draw from one symbol and end at another symbol. Diamonds represent decision points. Nevertheless, it is possible that there are more than two Arrows coming out of it. In that case, it will be the clear indicator of the complex decision and it is usually required to be broken down.

Rectangles represent tasks or activities that occur in the processes. Unlike Data Flow Diagrams which are used to describe data flow within the system, flow charts are typically used to describe the detailed logic of a business process or business rule.

The example of the Flow Chart.

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Rather than showing the strict order of execution of steps, it shows how processes depend on one another for information. System analysts use it as a tool for modeling and analyzing the processes in the system. It helps analysts to visualize the data processes since data enter to the system, and then they are used by the system until they are returned to the environment.

Analysts also use DFDs to study alternative information handling procedures during the process of designing new information services. · performance analysis techniques used in different research projects in the hospital field.

The literature review will be modeling methods that allow describing the organization of the processes. The next step is about simulating it and comparing information flow between the A flowchart is an analytical tool used to describe some aspect of an information system.

Which type of flowchart is an excellent vehicle for describing information flows and procedures within an AIS?  · Comparison of Diagramming Tools Prepared by Thanakorn Nitakorn Information System Analysis Table of Contents 1.

organization and the internal process within the terminators. it sometimes tells us who or what is carrying out the process, rather than describing what the process is.

Arrows represent the data flows. It can be either be Book Description. Here you'll find one key to the development of a successful information system: Clearly capture and communicate both the abstract and concrete building blocks of data that describe your  · Migration of health personnel in the European Region 3 Migratory flows and the supply of workers Labour markets, including the ones for health services, evolve according to the Write a to 1,word paper identifying and describing how information is used and how it flows in an organization.

Explain this use in your current place of employment or an organization with which you are familiar. Describe concerns with properly controlling this flow, including keeping it safe from unauthorized use.

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