Business plan for startup ppt background

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Business plan for startup ppt background

Begun inthe Citywide School Construction Program has evolved into a national model for its massive scope, innovative financing and high degree of community involvement. From to41 schools have been rebuilt many with additions or built brand new.

They are listed on the gallery page. As ofone more new school is in construction. As offour more projects are slated for applications and funding in future years to complete the School Construction Program. Approximately 4 million square feet of school buildings will have been impacted by the program by its end.

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The buildings are designed to enhance the learning environment for students and staff alike — as noted in the Cambridge Report — and provide facilities that can be used year-round by the school and community. They also have been designed to implement the transition to pre-K-8 and K-8 schools, from the elementary and middle school model, and to provide smaller, themed high schools.

Each school has unique features that preserve the history and character in its neighborhood, expand, and create new schools to make room for programming needs now and into the future, and above all else, put students and learning first.

The renovated buildings have been fixtures in neighborhoods for many decades, going as far back asand their preservation has benefited the surrounding neighborhoods.

business plan for startup ppt background

Fixed seat auditoriums have been renovated and are in use in schools throughout the City and other multi-purpose gathering spaces have been developed. Since the New Haven School District is the largest early childhood provider in the State, most schools have pre-K classrooms.

A standard for construction has been adopted and guidelines defined to ensure consistency and continuity across diverse construction projects.

These guidelines include familiarizing design firms with program requirements on what needs to be provided for teachers and students in order to teach the defined curriculum.

Material guidelines relate to New Haven's design requirements. Standard specifications were developed to ensure consistency in form and content between specifications of various architectural design professionals.

Energy efficiency is one of the most important priorities of the School Construction Program. The guidelines place particular emphasis on energy and indoor air quality performance and identify design tools and methodologies necessary to achieve an Energy Star Label for school buildings.

In addition, the guidelines have meant that schools would meet LEED certification standards long before they became a State requirement the School District has not pursued actual certification in most cases because of the cost entailed in obtaining certification.

The construction projects are overseen by a Commissioning Agent, which is an independent agent who reviews the methods and procedures used during design, construction, system startup, testing, and turnover for compliance with defined guidelines.

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The school buildings set the stage for the many programs New Haven has put in place, including the diverse magnet schools and choices offered by all schools, the curriculum, and the reforms currently being implemented. They will serve the educational system for many decades to come.Conference Program.

For additional pre and post conference programming, please check the Additional Programming page. Separate registrations apply. This is a working draft agenda. Guy Kawasaki is the chief evangelist of Canva, an online graphic design tool.

business plan for startup ppt background

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