An analysis of hip hop vendetta as south central los angeles

Why they're in front of bars and not behind them, no one knows. The dirty cop often appears as a villain in both Cop Shows and Criminal Procedurals. Brutalfascist, and often on the take from the local mob or worse, this cop makes most criminals and prisoners look like

An analysis of hip hop vendetta as south central los angeles

The population density was 9, The racial makeup of Compton was 31, Hispanic or Latino of any race were 62, persons The Census reported that 95, people There were 23, households, out of which 13, There were 1, 7. The average household size was 4.

There were 19, families The age distribution of the population was as follows: The median age was For every females, there were For every females age 18 and over, there were There were 24, housing units at an average density of 2, The homeowner vacancy rate was 2. Byit had the highest crime rates in the state of California.

Three years later, the city, with a population of just under 80, residents, recorded 46 murders, making it the highest per-capita murder rate in the United States. Athe latter who released the album Straight Outta Compton in The city became notorious for gang violenceprimarily caused by the Bloods and Crips.

Between and The new mayor elected in has helped to settle turf wars between the gangs, which has further reduced the homicide rate. Compton made the national list for best places to start and grow a business, and ranked 2 in Los Angeles County out of a field of 88 cities.

An analysis of hip hop vendetta as south central los angeles

Interstate runs from the seaports through the eastern boundary; the State Route 91 freeway extends through the southern boundary; Interstate runs slightly along the north of the City; and Interstate along to the west.

Compton is surrounded by multiple freeways which provide access to destinations throughout the region. In their lyrics, they rap about the streets and their lives in Compton and the areas nearby. Many well-known NBA players attended high school in the city as well.

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Despite the shift in population, many black professional athletes and entertainers are originally from Compton. Blacks continue to dominate local politics, holding most elected positions in the city. Although an inner suburb of Los Angeles, Compton has seen an increase of middle-class residents in the last few years, due to its affordable housing despite the portrayals of Compton in the media, which are typically exaggerated.Dec 03,  · Indeed, one of his central arguments is that hip-hop is the story of the hustler.

That may be true for him and others, but as he acknowledges, that doesn't account for Hill, or . South Los Angeles is a region in southern Los Angeles County, California, and mostly lies within the city limits of Los Angeles, California, just south of downtown. According to the New York Times, South Los Angeles “is defined on Los Angeles city maps as a square-mile rectangle with two prongs at the south end.”.

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'Fire on the Hill' Explores South Central LA's Black Cowboy Legacy The documentary follows three riders from South Central Los Angeles as they work to protect a disappearing cowboy culture after a devastating act of arson.

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