5000 word essay on importance of following direct orders

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5000 word essay on importance of following direct orders

The addresses, as given, were stenographically reported, and then condensed, so as to omit much that was merely incidental, retaining the general line of thought followed.

Robertson, of Louisville, Kentucky, has described the Gospel according to John as "the Profoundest Book in the World," and none who has studied it will be inclined to challenge that designation. To attempt to plumb its depths in a series of thirty-nine Lectures would be absurd.

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What I have attempted to do, with those who have gathered with me around its pages, has been to breathe its atmosphere, and indicate the paths which lead to those depths.

To that end these Meditations are now sent out in this form to a wider circle, and they are committed to the Grace and Truth of God—Who is forever patient with the shortcomings of those who seek to serve Him, and Who wondrously resolves the discords of such into the harmony of His own mind and will.

The answer to that enquiry was given by Origen when he said; There are not four Gospels, but a four-fold Gospel. This means that to an understanding of the Person and mission of our Lord, each evangelist, inspired of the Holy Spirit, has given one phase of revelation.

This being so we cannot compare them in the sense of discriminating between their values. Each has its own distinctive revelation. Nevertheless, there is a common and justifiable consciousness that in the Gospel according to John we arrive at an ultimate unveiling.

Pierson once suggested that the four Gospels in the order in which we now have them, follow the line of the old Hebrew encampment. Matthew surveys the Theocracy in its entirety. In other words, the whole camp is seen surrounding the King. In Mark we find ourselves in the outer court, in the place of service and sacrifice.

In Luke we have passed into the Holy Place, where stood the seven-branched candlestick of witness, and the table of shewbread, or communion. In John we enter within the veil, into the Holiest of all.

If this warranted figure of speech be allowed, it at once becomes evident that any approach to this Gospel must be that of reverence and awe. The work is evidently that of a poet, but it is none the less remarkable for its systematic structure; and we begin by recognizing that structure.

The complete treatise is found in the first twenty chapters, so far as verse twenty-nine. This is immediately followed by a foot-note in chapter twenty—verses thirty and thirty-one John Then there is an Epilogue, or Postscript in chapter twenty-one.

The terms epilogue, or postscript, do not suggest anything of secondary value, but refer merely to the literary structure. In the last analysis, chapter twenty-one continues and completes the movement ending in verse twenty-nine of chapter twenty John Every one will agree that when a writer interprets his own book, we must give attention to his interpretation if we are to hope to understand his book.

The foot-note runs thus: Why did he write it? From many signs he has made a selection. Three words then will help us to gain the value of this foot-note. One of them is found in the foot-note itself, and the two others result from the finding of the one.

The first word is the word "Signs. The word is not used by the writer, but the fact is revealed. John is careful to point out that he has not told all the story of Jesus.

This does not profess to be a life of Jesus. Neither does it profess to give all the signs available. Many not written; these written. John has made a selection. Selection then reveals the method of John.

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5000 word essay on importance of following direct orders

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Then you need to plan how you will respond to every single element of the title. Jun 22,  · The Importance of Following Orders, and How it Pertains to Being a Geospatial Engineer Obviously, in the military, following orders is more important than anything else, because that .

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